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  • Hi David,

    I guess we need to have faith in the "power of indigestion." Many (like me)thought that the most beers we could drink from a 24 beer case, the better we would feel. However, my liver + the partial remembrance of the dumb stuff I might have said or done brought me to a wiser usage of beer which is about 20 small bottles over the year these days. No spirit, no wine.
    Same with the news and all the geek stuff. It is there to satisfy some needs but if the deeper needs are not met or if the mind starts to awaken a notch more, what we "must" read and what technology we are addicted to or use will change as well. However, the power of attraction of Facebook, some video games, etc. is very strong as people feel connected all of sudden with so many peoples. Years and years might need to pass before someone finds the right mix of virtual/reality. In that regards, technology can also be used to study our attraction/rejection patterns as it can allow someone who is a bit aware of stuff like the "shadow" to do some inner work which in returns opens the heart/mind a notch more when done properly and succesfuly... and funnily enough helps us reduce our tendancy to be addicted. In order to be able to squeeze the benefits of the media for "shadow" work, we however need to be aware of "inner technology" and be aware that this work will happen at 5 miles an hour or less... with someone else at the steering wheel.

    by Anonymous on 2011-11-25 at 12:38 PM

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