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  • Dear Dr. Arnold Sikkema,

    I agree how Science changes human life and this is a form of God's works. I am amazed with the finding of telescope. The history of telescope invention (more on this with references in the near future comment(s)) has the quality of human wonders; intelligence; patience, passion and faith; good luck and bad luck (fortunes); sacrifices (death in the accident on developing a large mirror, a great mistake caused the accident. And, may be more on unreported deaths during building the dome and some other failures); and the "not-to-quit" attitude. I was a fellow member of the University of British Columbia Astronomy Club. Guided by knowledgeable club seniors, I had a chance to use the famous giant telescope at dome before demolition and changes. It took lots of patience to anticipate clear sky in cold dark night (after 10pm) with some clouds searching for satellites, planets, and stars. It was old: the floor, the stairs, and how the telescope 'windows' (this how I called it) and the other objects had the shrieking was unforgettable. Sometimes the night sky observations were cancelled because of the clear sky weather prediction did not work friendly with the observation nights. I was very lucky to have the last time observatory night (the dome building was closed after that) during a clear dark sky (clouds were still around; however they were thin and not many) to watch (observe) rare space objects with this telescope, which I heard the building would be demolished and the Astro Club bought a new telescope (perhaps, a handy one).To open and to manage the telescope windows many Physics elements involved requiring the least human's muscle efforts (force and Work) done, but the Work could be distributed on the unmaintained tools (with oil or lubrications to reduce the friction force) to move things around.

    By: Ikke Rosadi
    Date: January 09, 2014

    by Ikke Rosadi on 2014-01-09 at 12:05 PM

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