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Re-Imagining the Scriptural Past in the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls provide fresh perspective on both the words of the Old Testament and ancient Jewish world of the New Testament. As the library of a specialized Jewish scribal community, they also reveal how ancient people and communities rendered their religious traditions relevant to their own culture. Many readers of the Bible today face this same task: scripture is at once ancient and sacred, yet its contemporary relevance is not always evident. Through presentations and discussions with four TWU alumni and authors of recently published books on the Dead Sea Scrolls, our evening will explore how the group that penned and preserved the scrolls navigated this dynamic in their own search for meaning.

Join authors Dr. Andrew Perrin, Dr. Kipp Davis, Dr. Marvin Miller, Dr. Dongshin Chang, and Dr. Peter Flint as they detail how ancient writers encountered and innovated the biblical past by extending prophecy, claiming revelatory dreams, rethinking covenant theology, and crafting and circulating letters. Dr. Flint will speak on the relevance of the Dead Sea Scrolls for the Bible, theology, Christianity, and how they illumine our own past.

This free event is jointly sponsored by the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute, TWU Alumni Association, and Canada Research Chair in Dead Sea Scrolls. 


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