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Scripture, Theology, and Culture: Acts of Interpretation

Scripture, Theology, and Culture:  Acts of Interpretation

Biblical interpretation is moving in a direction that gradually recognizes and seeks to redress a longstanding separation of biblical studies from ecclesial theology. To correct dogmatic abuse of scripture, historical criticism had justly drawn attention to the socio-cultural and historical dimensions of biblical texts, but largely neglected the Bible’s role as sacred text within a believing community. Over the last generation, theological interpretation has received renewed attention and seeks to close this gap. The tension between critical analysis of the Bible as an ancient text and its foundational function for the church’s faith has always existed, but historical criticism and modern hermeneutic theory has increased our awareness that biblical interpretationdepends on a complex interaction of theological tradition, cultural influences, and exegetical practices. This speaker series features a combination ofcase studies, of concrete ‘acts of interpretation,’ and broader reflections on the intersection of exegesis, theology, and science and culture to address the question how a faithful, ecclesial reading of scripture handles these complexities of interpretation.

Evening Lecture with Dr. Peter Enns, Affiliate Faculty of Biblical Studies at Eastern University
Title: Reflections on the Bible, Evolution, and the Journey of Faith
Date: October 9, 2013
Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Location: Northwest Auditorium
Sponsored by the Canada Research Chair in Interpretation, Religion, and Culture together with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences together with the Department of Religious Studies. Co-sponsored by the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation and the Vancouver Area Science & Religion Forum.
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