Endowment List

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Name of AwardWho is EligibleAmountNumber of Awards
Alongside You MFT ScholarshipAward is available to a student in the MFT program who demonstrates great promise through faculty and supervisor recommendations. Must have a minimum 3.4 GPA and a minimum A- in Advanced Skills.10001
Bodo and Sharon Goetzke Endowed AwardAward available to graduate students with assessed financial need.15002
Cade Family Biblical Studies AwardAward is available to students pursuing a MA in Biblical Studies and Christian Thought. Must have assessed need.15001
China Business Leader ScholarshipAward available to a MA Lead China Project Student in Beijing. Assessed need required.200013
Counselling Psychology Scholarship for Foreign StudentsAward available to a counselling psychology student with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 who demonstrates financial need. Citizenship must be other than Canada or U.S.8001
CP Rail Aboriginal (MA in Leadership) ScholarshipAward available to an Aboriginal student enroled in the MA Leadership program with demonstrated financial need.12001
Dead Sea Scrolls Legacy ScholarshipAward available to a student pursuing their MA in Biblical Studies and Christian Thought with interest in DSS thesis work. The recipient of this award is selected in conjunction with applications for fellowship with Dead Sea Scrolls Institute. For details on how to apply please contact Dr. Thomas Hatina at thatina@twu.ca.6001
DeVries Family MA in Biblical Studies ScholarshipAward available to outstanding students in the Masters of Biblical Studies and Christian Thought program.50003
DeVries Family MBA ScholarshipAward available to outstanding Canadian students in the Non-Profit and Charitable Organization specialization of the MBA Program.500010
DeVries Family MFT ScholarshipAward available to outstanding new or returning students in the MCS Marriage and Family Therapy program.46003
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