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  • Add in chronological order all colleges and post secondary institutions attended.
  • It is your responsibility to see that official transcripts are sent directly to the Admissions Office by each post secondary institution you have attended.
  • You must meet program GPA requirements.
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Entrance Term

  • Degree program entry:
    • Full Time (9 or more semester hours)
    • Part Time (less than 9 semester hours)
  • Unclassified entry: Allows graduate level students entry to take up to 12 semester hours without admission to a program. This requires academic eligibility (transcripts required) and permission by the course professor.
  • Qualifying studies entry: Allows graduate students admission to take additional undergraduate courses required for entry into a graduate program. This does NOT imply acceptance to the graduate program.

Transfer Credit Request

Admissions Statement

In 500 words, introduce yourself to us by responding to each item below:

  • Your conversion to Jesus Christ and baptism as a believer
  • Your family relationships (e.g. parents, siblings, spouse)
  • What are your reasons for attending ACTS including vocational goals?
  • What is your current church membership context, including church involvement and ministry experience?


  • Please provide the name and contact information for two confidential references.
  • These recommendations should come from persons who are not relatives.
  • A reference form will be emailed to each referee once you have successfully submitted your application.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that downloaded reference letters are forwarded to the University upon completion.
Employer, Friend, or Academic Reference
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Community Covenant Agreement

In August 2009, Trinity Western University adopted a new Community Covenant Agreement that applies to all students, faculty, staff and affiliates, replacing TWU's longstanding Responsibilities of Membership Agreement. Students are annually required to read, understand and pledge to the terms of the Community Covenant Agreement prior to registering for classes. If you have questions related to the Community Covenant Agreement or this requirement you may direct them to

View the entire Community Covenant Agreement here.

All students are required to read and understand the Community Covenant Agreement and agree to the terms of the document before being permitted to register for classes. We would encourage you to read this document now and sign that you agree but you may decide to do this at a later date.

Legal Confirmation

All new applications to ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University (TWU) should be completed and received prior to the application deadline indicated in the program information. Late applications will be considered as space is available. Please endeavor to submit in a timely manner all application materials including reference letters, application fee, transcripts, and academic histories and any other application requirements specific to the program. Items omitted or answered incorrectly may result in unnecessary delays in the assessment of your application.

TWU reserves the right to select students on the basis of academic performance and personal qualifications. TWU does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or national or ethnic origin in its education programs or activities.

Items submitted to ACTS Admissions become property of Trinity Western University and will not be returned or transferred to another institution under any circumstances. Your acceptance of this agreement voluntarily waives any right or privilege to inspect or challenge the content expressed in the letters of reference. It is also agreed that all information provided will remain confidential between the referees and Trinity Western University.

By selecting I Agree below, I do hereby understand and agree to the above conditions and certify that the information given in this application is complete and true in every respect.


Important Information

Application Fees:

There is a $40 application processing fee which you can pay with credit card or personal cheque. Once you submit your application you will proceed to our online checkout system. The processing fee will only be incurred upon submission of your application (eg. you can save your application and come back to it later without incurring charges.)

General Admission Requirements:

All Masters degree programs normally require an undergraduate degree or equivalent as a prerequisite for admission. The particular nature of the Bachelors' degree may vary and applicants should consult the specific description of each degree program. In addition, each candidate must show evidence of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and of submission to his will, as well as, normally, the positive recommendation of his or her church congregation. All students agree to the Community Standards and signify this by signature.

ACTS Seminaries is a consortium of these four seminaries:

  • Canadian Baptist Seminary (CBS)
  • Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary (MBBS)
  • Northwest Baptist Seminary (NBS)
  • Trinity Western Seminary (TWS)